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About us.

At Asador Los Cortitos, we take roast chicken to another level. Our secret is a magical combination of spices and a love of good food. We are roast chicken lovers with one mission in mind: to make your taste buds go crazy.

Our History

Serving the best roast chicken in Leganés since 2016

We dare you to try our chicken and not smile from ear to ear!

The asador "Los Cortitos" is the result of the dream of a married couple who started with a small bar in 1968. In those days, they served tapas, rations and the famous "cortitos" of beer, which gave the establishment its name. Thanks to the great success and acceptance of the business, they decided to expand it and turn it into a restaurant specialising in roast chicken and takeaway food, which became a very popular option in the neighbourhood. They quickly gained a reputation for offering the best rotisserie chicken in the traditional style.

In 2016, the founders' daughters, Miriam and Noelia, took over the kitchen, while Amancio, the family's son-in-law, was in charge of customer service. Together, they decided to reopen the doors of the grill, adapting to the times and expanding their offer to include a variety of roasts and home-cooked meals. Despite the changes, they remained faithful to the secret recipes that made them successful in the beginning. Now, they continue to delight their customers with authentic and traditional flavours that distinguish them in every bite.

A little more about us

Serving the best roast chicken in Leganés since 2016

At Asador Los Cortitos, we offer you a menu full of tempting options that will make your palate dance. Our roast chicken is the main protagonist, always prepared with love and an extra dose of "wow".

Our Food Policy

At Asador Los Cortitos, we are committed to using fresh, high quality ingredients in every dish we serve. We work with local suppliers and follow strict food safety standards to ensure freshness and quality in every bite.

Our Core Values

We strive to exceed expectations, offer unique flavours, treat our customers with kindness and maintain high ethical standards at all times. These values are the foundation of our identity and guide every decision we make.

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